Consultancy and Advisory Services to Health care Industry

Year : 2013

Client : Public Forum


SSVKC, a subsidiary of VKMCS, together with her partners provided consultancy and insights to the public forum organized by the Ministry of Health in the Sultanate of Oman during the Ministry’s push for Vision 2050.
SSVKC delivered lectures, organized workshops and facilitated roundtable discussions for the Ministry with the introduction of the Public-Private Partnership concept. We shared best practices and failures throughout the world, especially in Singapore and many other countries. Organizational Efficiency with program implementation and evaluation systems were also shared and adopted for discussions in the ensuing sessions.
The Medical Division took pride in being the bridge for Singapore and Oman medical arena. We held general and specialized seminars and workshops between healthcare professionals successfully. It resulted in cross-institutional exchanges and co-management of patient cases. Our Team also strived to make the arduous journey less bumpy for the patients.