The East and West provides a balance for humanity in trade, know-how, and social interaction. The diversity in heritage, culture, and values provide great venues for bringing the human race forward in many spheres for our progress. The marine and maritime industry is one particular industry that forms the key trade routes and trade between and amongst nations, and the cross-translation of businesses, knowledge sharing, trade establishment have great potential for fertilization and growth.

There are many venues for this to take place, one key area is through the exchanges of knowledge and awareness of the marketplace, both for business trades as well as the institutions of higher learning. In this, there is a lot of scope for cooperation between the East and the West. I see the value of exchanges going beyond the future generations and the growth of such awareness and exchanges remain the catalysts for paving the way forward in our progress.

While the marine and maritime industries provide the most economical means available to the human race for cross-ocean trade transportation, the fundamentals for ensuring long-term growth through awareness and exchanges remain fundamental to most business areas. Awareness of companies and their services, products, and capabilities offer choice alternatives for the industries at large, where solutions are availed for those in need.

VKMCS Pte Ltd offers that niche capability in the formulation and development of strategic action plans to achieve results for her clients and principals alike based on her fundamental value propositions and diverse high-value network. With our direct involvement, the value proposition will always be with the interests of growth for our clients and ourselves, and we do our best to meet our clients’ targets.

With Core Values of Professionalism, Integrity, Trust, Commitment and Honesty supported by excellent business characteristics of Courage, Commitment, Conviction, Compassion and Value Creation, I trust our clients and principals will be satisfied with what we do in augmenting your success.

Yang You

Chairman, VKMCS Pte Ltd