Investment Proposal in Oman (China Man-made Fibre Corporation CMFC)

Prospected Project Valued at USD 4.2 billion

Year : 2008 - 2010

Client : China Man-made Fibre Corporation (CMFC), Taiwan


SSVKC, a subsidiary of VKMCS, was commissioned by CMFC to undertake a market study and to develop a proposal to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Oman for the FDI for setting up petrochemical complexes in Oman. The proposal was for private investments to collaborate with Oman Government and to bring the full value chain benefits to Oman and bring premium back downstream product value chain to the country.
The benefits of the project, such as financial benefits, creating direct employment, and downstream business opportunities were defined as exceptionally well.
The scope of work included:
• Feasibility study of setting up 4 plants in Oman
• Market trend of petrochemical plants
• Investment opportunity and benefits
• Projects overview in Oman
• Market analysis
• Risk analyses
• Sensitivity analysis for different scenarios
• Technology comparison
• Project management plan


The project study was completed and very well appreciated by the Client. The project was postponed due to Resource availability timeline.