Study and Market Assessment Report (“atea” Environmental Technologies)

Prospected Project Valued at USD 100million

Year : 2006 - 2008

Client : “atea” Environmental Technologies


The scope of the study was to capture the information and activities of Sohar Industrial Port with identified industries and companies.

The consultancy model commissioned for the Study and Market Search Report was based on a collaborative model, where both the consultant and the client participated actively during the period of consultancy.

The clear intent was to establish business links and potential businesses such as to facilitate the next steps forward in scoping the systems and potential support services. These were contained in the recommendations as made possible through the many visitations and meetings with the various companies and government agencies of direct relevance.


Almost all the new petrochemical plants had their environmental abatement systems designed into their plants earlier and had been approved. Some projects were secured. However, setting up was viewed as immature at that point in time as there was need for critical mass and minimum workload and volume to kick-start.
The company was up-geared with all plans to implement as and when new petrochemical clusters are developed and for them to be involved right from the beginning of each project undertaking.